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On March 11, 2002, the Washington Post reported that a secret, parallel "shadow government" had been activated in the wake of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. According to the Post, over 100 secret civilian managers of the federal government had been transported by helicopters on September 11 to secure underground shelters outside Washington. Each underground shelter contained enough food, water, medicine, power generation facilities, and other supplies to let it function for over three months completely sealed off from the outside world. The Post reported that teams of federal executives were being rotated at 90-day intervals to live and work in the underground facilities. They remained sealed inside for the duration of their assignments; they were not allowed to bring their families and, in fact, could only say they were on a "business trip."

Those managers would be the ones running America if a catastrophic terrorist attack (such as a nuclear weapon) wiped out the civilian leadership in Washington.

INSIDE THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT: National Security and the Cult of Secrecy by Harry Helms is the electrifying new book that gives the first inside look at this unelected, secretive, and possibly illegal parallel government. Based on extensive research—including formerly classified documents—this book reveals:

• standby plans for martial law and the use of federal troops for civilian law enforcement;

• how the President can suspend Constitutional government and the Bill of Rights through executive orders;

• locations of secret underground facilities like those mentioned above;

• "black projects" whose existence is kept secret from Congress and the American public;

• standby plans to seize control of radio and TV stations, confiscate private property and bank accounts, and intern American citizens in case of a "national emergency."

The Shadow Government is supposed to protect America from terrorism and other external threats. Yet increasingly its targets are the civil liberties and privacy of American citizens. The Shadow Government's scope, powers, and potential for abuse have largely remained a secret from the American people—and even most members of Congress—until now. INSIDE THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT: National Security and the Cult of Secrecy is essential reading for anyone concerned that the war on terrorism is becoming instead a war on the Constitution and the rights and liberties of the American people crypto trading with leverage.

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